Are you looking for a job that pays while one enjoys traveling as well? Go for the top travel nursing jobs, a job that brings up great benefits along with a lot of joy. Profession and passion to travel comes up together. For those who are fond of caring and helping people and also have love towards travel, this is the best way to explore. A job is filled with adventure, with new places to visit, either in the same country or sometimes abroad. All it needs is to be a Registered Nurse with one whole year of working experience and one is all set to be a Travel Nurse.

There was a shortage of nurses in United States in certain regions, in 1980 under emergency basis. Thus, travel nursing jobsagencies were created, providing specialized nurses to travel all around United States, and to places where the shortage of nurses were expected. Based on the requirement, they are sent to rural as well as urban areas. However, today being a travel nurse, one should be well equipped with the latest medication system and technologies, and it is also needed to have good knowledge regarding computerized charting. Nurses having Emergency Room service, ER, positions are required with trauma certification. A minimum of 1-3 years of experience is required to be so.

Opportunities of Being a Travel Nurse

With good benefits and high pay scale, Travel Nursesare in high demand, especially in United States and overseas. Australia and United Kingdom too have great opportunities’ for travel nursing jobs. English being the basic language to communicate, countries with generally more aging population adapt this facility. The facilities are as follows:

  • Contract – Mostly, the assignments are between 13 and 26 weeks. This is always good for those who enjoy change and prefer traveling. Moreover, this is good for international travel nurses, as their licensing and immigration process is not hampered.
  • Highly Paid – A travel nurse is paid as much as $50 per hour. A bonus amount is also offered depending upon the agencies, the nurses are aligned with.
  • Housing – They are provided with luxurious facilities and fully furnished houses, and their travel allowances are also paid for local areas. Above all, the heart is where the family is, yes, family, friends and even pets all are allowed to be with them as per the agency contract.
  • General – They are provided with health and life insurance depending on their agencies. And tax facilities are also provided for their convenience.  
  • Own Boss – Top Travel Nursing jobsallow one to choose their locations, so if interested to visit the warmth of Florida, discover California or countries in Europe or Oregon, Mississippi, nothing better than this to avail.

One good reason behind such facilities along with good pay is perhaps 12 hours shift and sometimes even weeks without a leave. Again, all is well that pays well. This job is best for those looking for a change. It is not needed to change the job but a change in the location can create a difference.

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