Dianabol DS is one among very popular anabolic steroids. It is also listed as Methandrostenolone, Blue Hearts, DBol, and Dianabol. Initially it was designed for athletes by Dr. John Ziegler. Later it was released in the market and became popular among bodybuilders since it has the ability to result in enhanced strength, size and huge gains.


Dianabol DS is the well known brand name and the actual chemical is Methandrostenolone. It is well known as Dbol. It is a highly potent anabolic steroid and is very effective in adding strength and size because Dbol is an anabolic steroid which also comes with androgenic properties.

The reason behind its effects is that it can stimulate androgen receptors. It can also increase glycogenolysis and protein synthesis and this is much higher compared to other anabolic steroids. Dbol is 17 Alpha Alkylated steroids which is available in oral form. When Methandrostenolone is altered at 17th carbon point it results in Dbol. This is the reason even though Methandrostenolone is available in injection form, Dbol is available in oral form and it can enter the blood stream by passing through the liver.

If this alteration has not done, then it would have been destroyed before entering into bloodstream. That is why modification done helps the hormone to be active in the human body. Like many other 17-aa steroids even Dbol can be toxic to the liver. One must use liver protectors along with Dbol and user must follow the dosage instructions. Responsible use will help in avoiding the side effects.


Benefits and Effects:

Initially Dbol is designed just for athletes to enhance their ability. Since it had many benefits later it became popular. When it comes to body’s lean mass augmentation, Dbol is very effective. This is the reason it has gained high popularity among bodybuilders. This steroid is usually used in gaining or bulking phases because it helps in enhancing carbs intake in the body.

It is very effective in producing energy which later converted into strength gains. Dbol is also effective in enhancing nitrogen retention. This is one more reason behind enhancement of strength and size.

Compared to any other anabolic steroids available, Dbol is very effective in nitrogen retention. There will be at least 20-30 pounds gain when taking Dbol DS. Even t

Side effects

Common side effect found in majority of the users is liver damage. One more issue that user may experience is high blood pressure. So, people with high blood pressure better avoid this steroid. Aromatase inhibitors like Letrozole and Arimidex can be used while taking Dbol. This will help in avoiding side effects such as gynecomestia which are related to estrogen. There will be suppressed natural testosterone when an individual is taking Dbol.

It is recommended to use Dianabol DS in bulking cycles. Being considered as one among the fastest acting steroids available today Dbol comes with half cycle of 5 hours. To get a better jumpstart, users can make use of this steroid at the beginning of their cycle.

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