Side effects are always a matter of concern. When you want to be cured and are spending a fortune over it but at the end of all the hassle you land up having to face the side effects which starts a new cycle of treatment you feel tired and irritated. To avoid such disastrous consequences it is advised to take a note of the side effects consciously so that you can activate your safety measures before hand. There are a several mental health supplements found in the market who promise to use the natural, easy and subtle ways to lift your mood by the use of the most famous vitamin B that plays the prime role in making your brain function properly.

What is used?

Commonly Inositol is artificially produced and used for the management of mental health. It is also produced in the human body and are known to be contained in several of our staple foods but inositol supplements are creating a rage in the market and are much in demand for quick relaxation purposes. It is thought to be effective in fighting anxiety, panic attacks and depression but the use of this supplement comes with a list of contraindications in spite of having additional uses such as bringing down of cholesterol levels, burning body fat and soothing skin conditions like psoriasis.Image result for Inositol is artificially produced

Working of Inositol:

Inositol works as a water soluble medicine and is readily absorbed in to the blood stream. Once it enters the blood stream it becomes the instrument for cell wall strengthening, breaking down fat and transporting lipids. It activates the body calcium hence leading to the activation of the neurotransmitters called serotonin, it triggers the growth of neural structures thereby becoming an important component of gene expression and signaling . Your body is tuned to the use of this compound since the ancient ages as it is a general component in your staple food. It activates the GABAergic receptor sites resulting in stress relieving response involving the neurochemical GABA molecules. It improves body energy once it is taken before a tiresome physical job.

Handling side effects   

Side effects can be handled by limiting the proportion of dosage and by propelling yourself towards the use of natural products compared to the use of chemical supplements.

The list of contraindications includes:

Inositol is known to have very little side effects. The easily known side effects are stomach upset and diarrhea. The difficult side effects like headaches and hyperactive thoughts are not recorded after the usage of this medicine till date   . As it is a water soluble medicine, the absorption of toxic material into the body is minimized however having it through natural food products is advisory. Inositol deficiency shows streaks of bipolar disorder and depression in humans coupled with low energy feelings, negativity and mood swings. Side effects of these sorts can be developed in the human body for the contrary reason –having low levels of Inositol compared to having a supplement. It is an important aspect of living a healthy life.

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