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Approved by the FDA, Modalert 200,(generic name for Modafinil) has been acclaimed as the panacea for a host of health conditions ranging from narcolepsy to attention disorders. Classified as a Schedule IV drug, Modalert 200 is subject to less chances of abuse, and is being used to combat various ailments with successful results. Available without a prescription, it is being used with satisfactory results, by professionals, students, and almost everyone who engages in complex mental work. Extensive studies conducted by the British, show Modalert 200 to be “eurogic” which means that it promotes wakefulness and alertness. The studies also indicate that Modalert 200mg could be the first, well-validated Nootropic substance of its kind, that improves mental capability, in activities like academic preparation, memorization and heavy calculations, due to improved focus… Modalert 200, also referred to as the Smart drug, is increasingly used for its cognitive enhancing properties, which vastly improves learning capacity, decision making, and the attention span of the user, allowing for increased mental agility. Researchers have found that users become capable of maintaining acute focus, manipulating complex information, while excluding that which is irrelevant, leading to vastly improved personal performance.

Although the medical community researchers have expressed the opinion that Modalert 200 could be successfully used to combat ADHD, this has yet to be proved conclusively.

Pharma Modalert Dosage

Results of recent studies suggest that pharmaModalert 200 is non-addictive.The recommended dose is 200 milligrams and there is no conclusive evidence that a higher dosage confers extra benefits. A tablet taken in the morning is powerful enough to last all day.

Potential Side Effects

No description of a drug would be complete without outlining its side effects. Recent studies seem to indicate changes in the mood of the user, along with a possibility of increased anxiety and lower levels of contentedness. However, these findings are inconclusive, as only 2 out of 24 studies reported the possible side effects. Two cases did report side effects in the form of headaches, stomach aches, nausea, insomnia, and dry mouth. Interestingly the placebo group also reported the same side effects, thereby rendering the findings inconclusive. It is, however, recommended that you consult a doctor immediately, if any of these side effects occur. An allergic reaction is extremely rare, and if it occurs, the user is expected to consult certified medical help. Note that Modafinil has been used since 1970, without reports of any serious side-effects.

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