It is no secret that Clenbuterol has been used by athletes and bodybuilders for the longest time for weight loss. However, this is not a steroid. Instead, Clen, as it is well known, has been used for treatment for asthma, and it remains a controlled substance in US. If you want to get Clen in UK, you have to understand the legal status and other aspects. Here are some of the details.

Getting access

Clen is not illegal to possess in United Kingdom, but you have to be extra careful while getting access to this. There are a number of online stores that sell the drug, and yet, not all are legit. You can buy with a credit card here. Some countries in Asia do sell the drug and ship to UK for research purposes, but as with any supplement, the quality of the drug is extremely important. North American countries have a lot of requisite standards for production, and therefore, it is best to buy it from a seller somewhere in United States and Canada.


Understanding legal status

As with most supplements and drugs, the legal aspect of Clenbuterol in UK is worth knowing. First things first, Clen is used in UK and is available as a vet medicine. Apart from treating breathing problems in horses, Clen is used by farmers on many livestock animals, just to cut down the fat and make cattle better and leaner for sale.  However, the medicine is not meant or sold for human consumption. If you are in United States and Canada, you can still have access to the medication, but in UK, you have to get it online. Again, it is not illegal to own the substance.


In general, you will pay anywhere around £1-3 for each pill in UK. Some companies have cheaper rates, but with genuine drugs and supplements, it makes sense to buy from right suppliers, even if the price is on the higher side. Even some of the leading and known sellers will offer discounts on bulk purchases, and given that you would want to reap the benefits of Clen, it makes sense to buy in large amounts. The supplement is also available as liquid gel, but make sure that you choose from the right seller.

Take your time to evaluate your needs and dosage, following which you can choose a supplier based on their reputation and genuineness.

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