It is not like every drug which can be well suited for your body and hence, you must lookout for everything you can know about them. Anavar, a popular, effective and potent Steroid is used by many in bodybuilding community to increase their strength and promote lean and tight muscle gain. But, there has been many buzz of Anavar not living up to the expectations and causing various side effects which are even related to liver.  Anavar, also known as “Var” is surrounded by many allegations of being underrated or overrated. But, is it really true?  Anavar is always considered as a mild acting Steroid which a number of benefit by giving you impeccable result. All its 20 mg to 50 mg capsules can give you remarkable result can is even recommended for beginners. So, where is the problem?

How to take Anavar safely?

Actually, Anavar is not one such drug which can give you instant result and therefore, many people tend to over dose it or combine it with some other anabolic steroid without thinking that how it is going to affect on their body. If you use this product safely and as prescribed then it may not look very effective. But, trust me; you have to be patient for it to deliver the best results.  This drug can be readily used by female as there is no risk of virilization and can even be used by children to treat many medical conditions.  It is often sold in 2.5 mg tablets which are really very low to get satisfactory results. In order to meet your expectations and overall goal, you need to take somewhere around 25- 40 mg per day. However, some experience and professional bodybuilders even use 100 mg of Anavar per day to get excellent result. But, for beginners, this can be really dangerous. To get 20 mg to 50 mg capsules, you have to go with the underground lab as there is no option to get from any pharmacist or reputed steroid manufacturers. But, this can be a serious problem as you can never know that ifthe dosages are really up to the mark and safe or not. So, it is always better to choose the legit and trusted source even if you have to take 10 pills a day to meet your dosage recommendation. The dosage for treating muscle wasting disease like HIV and heavy surgery can be significantly different from one taking it for other reason like bodybuilding.

Anavar has been reported for liver toxicity as some other anabolic steroids but it will most likely not be the case if you use it responsibly. There have not been many researches done on Anavar when it comes to bodybuilding dosage recommendation. However, the oral form is considered toxic to the liver but it is almost the same like other anabolic steroids. Along with the proper dosage quantity, you also have to be wary of your cycle length. Taking it for a longer time can result in encountering many types of unwanted negative effects. You can always use Liv 52 and Post cycle by protein factory to help protect your liver from toxicity and other danger.

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