Erection Dysfunction is a common taboo subject for men in general. Sadly, many would rather suffer in silence than talk about this sensitive matter. Impotence can be caused by various factors including stress, depression, injuries, low self-confidence, surgery, poor diets, sedentary lifestyles, alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking and aging to name but a few. While ED can be reversed effectively through medications, natural remedies, therapy, regular exercises, lifestyle changes and avoiding stress, untreated erectile dysfunction can interfere with your normal day to day living.

Consequences of ED include;

  • Relationships problems

Although experiencing Erectile dysfunction can be a daunting, devastating and troubling to men, it can have the same effects on their partners. Generally, ED has a reputation for its ability to impose on romantic relationships. It is not uncommon for couples to separate, divorce, break off engagements or cheat on each other as a result of ED.The truth is, having trouble getting a solid erection can leave your partner really frustrated, angry and stressed. Moreover, those not in relationships develop cold feet to get involved in one, whereas those in relationships/marriage may feel rejected, unloved, unwanted, sad, ashamed and even guilty. Fortunately, you can avoid aggravating relationships distress by using highly recommended ED treatment medications such as Kamagra 100mg Oral Jelly or Viagra.

  • Psychological Impact

Erectile Dysfunction also commonly called impotence is known for its psychological impacts on its victims. The inability to get and maintain a solid erection can bruise any man’s ego and self-confidence immensely. As a result, victims are more likely to experience regular relationship issues with their partners. Common psychological effects of erectile dysfunction include feeling insecure, sadness, low self-esteem, feeling like a less man, fear of sexual encounters, fear of being judged by their partners, aggressiveness, anger, feeling ashamed, helplessness, a sense of guilt for failing to satisfy your partner, excessive worrying, and rejection among many others. With all these in mind, it is best to seek counseling and guidance or medical help from a reputable health expert if you are a victim of ED.

  • Performance anxiety

Men with erectile dysfunction are more susceptible to performance anxiety during sexual intercourse with their partners. Every man desires to show off their bedroom prowess to their partners. For this reason, having a semi-erect manhood, experiencing premature ejaculations and failing to maintain a firm erection to satisfy your lover can be quite demeaning and frustrating. By and large, experiencing regular episodes of erectile dysfunction can subsequently lead to performance anxiety. It takes very strong couples to work together to get through the menace of erectile dysfunction. An understanding lover/partner should be able to help her man relax in order to experience satisfaction during sex.

Bottom line

Couples should be willing to help each other get through ED related difficulties in order to enjoy their sex life together. As for those experiencing erectile dysfunction, seeking medical attention from your doctor is the best remedy to feeling disappointed, inadequate, helpless, and ashamed.

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